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Peter Greenaway

Australian Jukebox Expert

Peter Greenaway is probably the most knowledgeable man in Australia when it comes to jukeboxes. There is likely no question that Peter would be unable to answer. Peter can answer anything on:

Repairing damaged or broken jukeboxes

Proper maintenance of jukeboxes

Restoring antique jukeboxes to working condition

Modifying antique jukeboxes with newer technology




Jeffrey Black, Toowoomba QLD

Having owned an AMi for a little over ten years and doing a ground up restoration, I know how problematic a jukebox can be. And whilst I've learned a lot about the very complicated systems within my jukebox - nothing - but nothing - will ever be better than first-hand experience built up over a lifetime of on-site repairs, troubleshooting and fault-finding. In 1955, my G-200 was an advanced bit of engineering kit, however these days, you cannot begin to repair a jukebox (and particularly a 50s machine) without be able to let go of your knowledge of electronics and PCBs. You MUST put yourself back to a 50s engineering mindset. Peter can do this - and more. You cannot put a price on first-hand experience, and Peter has this by the bucketful. He's probably worked on more faults than I even yet found, and his friendly manner and deep understanding are absolutely priceless.

24 out 5 stars!!!!

Christine Anton, Sydney NSW

To all you jukebox owners, I need to share my experience with you when I dealt with Peter from Jukebox Repairs Australia. Peter could not have been more helpful even though he was in Victoria and I'm in Sydney. He could have just said sorry I can't help you. If you value your jukebox, this is the man you need to call. He is reliable and honest, which is a rare quality these days in business. Peter actually had my problem solved by talking to me over the phone. Thank goodness you decided to come out of retirement! I'm very grateful. Thank you Peter!

Gary Katz, Bentleigh VIC

I am extremely fortunate indeed to have made contact with Peter a few months ago about issues with my Rowe/AMI jukebox. He has been to my house twice to sort out those issues and to install two new speakers which he sourced himself from overseas. The jukebox has never sounded better! Peter is not only a true expert in his field, but is also dedicated and passionate to his craft. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with him and I can't recommend him highly enough!

Warren Caldwell, Garfield VIC

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Peter, who had offered amazing service and travelled to inspect and repair our jukebox. We’d only just purchased the AMI G200 in non-working condition. Peter’s passion and knowledge of these machines is incredible! Not only did he get our jukebox pumping out the tunes but he took the time to explain things along the way. The best bit was that at some stage in the past, Peter had actually owned the jukebox! If you’re looking for an expert for your jukebox, give Peter a call. He was great to deal with, reliable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services.

Rod Ross, Perth WA

After owning my Seeburg USC1 jukebox for over 30 years, which has proved very reliable, I finally encountered a problem that I coudn't fix. Being in Perth, I suspected it could prove problematic in finding someone local with the knowledge to fix it. I came across Peter\'s website and emailed him in the hope he could point me in the right direction. What I didn't expect was for him to phone me and talk through the problem. He then researched the issue and came back with a detailed solution. He certainly knows and is passionate about his craft and I am most appreciative of his assistance, which is a very rare commodity in today\'s profit-driven world. I have no hesitation in attesting to Peter's ability and genuine desire to keep our old jukes alive and well. May Peter produce many more generations of like-minded souls. Rating: 100 out of 10!!!

Adrian Goodwin, Geelong VIC


Hi, anybody with a old school jukebox should be thanking their lucky stars that Peter Greenaway has got back into servicing jukes. Peter’s years of experience with jukes is as rare as hen’s teeth. I have six jukes (55 to 1960) that Peter has working after some years of lying idle with issues. His home visits are another rarity that encouraged me to make the decision to use Peter.

Steve Watt, Sydney NSW

Hi Peter

At long last with your patience & knowledge in the juke box industry have I finally got my Wurlitzer working again. Only with your help, even though we are a distance apart!

Peter, I would like to commend your help and knowledge to achieve this result.

Who would believe that all of this was achieved through phone and email communication.

Once again Peter, thank you so much.

Owen Webb, Sydney

After searching for months without luck, then thinking my Rowe AMI jukebox was scrap, I found Peter. As I was interstate he suggested I send him the parts & he would do his BEST!! Well, not only did he fix it, he’s a great guy as well. He was pleasant, helpful & patient as we FaceTimed to put it back together.

I couldn’t recommend Peter as a person & the most knowledgeable person on Jukeboxes in Australia HIGHLY enough.

Peter, “ you are the man” we need to clone you👍👍

Michelle Pell, Mareeba Queensland

Thank you very much for all your help. I live in Far North Queensland and to get professional help over the phone from the bottom of Australia was greatly appreciated. My jukebox is again working which is music to my ears. Thanking you again I will definitely be keeping your number at hand for any further assistance.

John Walczak Sydney NSW

After purchasing my Seeburg wallbox I found difficulty in getting it to select music titles from my ipod interface that I purchased from the united states living here in Sydney and trying to find someone to help me was like trying to find a unicorn!

By a stroke of good luck I came across Peter Greenaway from Jukebox Repairs Australia and this man is a genius when it comes to repairs on Seeburg Wall boxes I was so impressed with our initial phone conversations that I drove to Melbourne to personal deliver my wallbox and meet this incredible man. nothing was a problem and at the time Peter had moved into a new premises mid winter and in a very cold workshop carried out the necessary repairs.

I cannot thank Peter enough for his expertise, knowledge and customer relations I highly recommend peter without any reservations to anyone who would need their jukebox seen too. Thank you Peter

Paul Dunning, Port Lincoln South Australia

Hi Peter, Thank you for all of your telephone conversations, email and help with my Rockola 471 jukebox. Peter couldn’t do enough to help. Highly recommended.

David Manuel, Coffs Harbour NSW

Thanks so much for your honest and upfront information regarding my jukeboxes, you’re vast experience and knowledge is very valuable, excellent customer service.

I would more than highly recommend Peter for any juke box repair.

Simon Mosalski, NSW

Dear Peter,

Intially dishearted at being unable to find anyone in Sydney to take a look at my machine, but a quick phonecall to Peter and my 1967 Seeburg is working again. After 15 minutes on the phone - some top tips gained and a great conversation, Peter had her purring and playing 7 inchers again. Obviously very skilled and knowledgeable, through Peter sharing his years of knowledge with me a cherished gift is again making music. Many Thanks

And I will be in touch for a full service next year!

Cheers and thanks again


Nick and Angela Nicola, Mornington

This email is to let you know that we appreciate the thoroughness with which you analyzed and repaired our Jukebox.We are further appreciative of your promise to follow through if any short term problems reoccured. That's the mark of a real professional.Thanks Peter.

Jaz Fleming, Perth W.A.

I've only had dealings with Peter once but I found him to be prompt, helpful and very knowledgeable about anything related to Jukeboxes. As we live on opposite sides of the country he gave me instructions over the phone as to what I could try to narrow down the problem and said to send him a video of trying to play a song so he could assist further. Your cooperation was greatly appreciated Peter.

Barry Maluga, Gladstone QLD

I called Peter with a problem on my 1960 Rock-Ola Tempo Model 1485 Jukebox. He not only answered my call on a weekend, he was spot on with his diagnosis of the issue. The end result is that the music is again emanating from this wonderful machine. I definitely recommend Peter to any jukebox owner, polite, helpful end efficient. I would like to have half his knowledge on jukeboxes.



E: [email protected]
P: (+61) 451 087 188

Based in Victoria, but available for consultations by phone to clients worldwide



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